Terms and Condition

Terms And Conditions


Online Payments can be done by: Card payment and Net Banking Payment mode via Razorpay, Paypal Gateway which you can be automatically redirected. Payment can be done at Online Payment link on Pay fees page.

In case you face any problems with the payment process, please call us on 917385732168 or 971502734508 or email us at onlineiimseducation@onlinembaindubai.com

Refunds & Cancellation:

In case of cancellation of admission, IIMS follows the proposed rules mentioned below for refund of fees under various heads:

  • Registration fee once paid while confirming admission is non-refundable.
  • Any application for withdrawal within 15 days of admission confirmation may be considered for refund of tuition fee after a deduction of:
Tuition fee shall not be refunded once the course commences formally.

*Refunds, if any, will be credited to the account/card from where the transaction was initiated.

Terms & Conditions

To avail the services offered at www.onlinembaindubai.com you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

Please read the term and conditions carefully. While using any current or future services offered by www.onlinembaindubai.comwhether or not included in the www.onlinembaindubai.com website, you will abide by these Terms & conditions the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service or business.

Shipping Policy

IIMS don not belong to any shipping policy as we do not sell any product.

We only help student to upgrade their degree across the world with online education

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