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IIMS DISTANCE LEARNING INSTITUTE offers the opportunity to Working Professionals fast-track your career by Artificial Intelligence and skills with the latest advancements in the industry.

Students can get knowledge and skill with Learning management System which gives access 1000 E Books which is globally required.

Live Lectures will give you support of full time knowledge and clearing education doubts with Higher class Industrial experience Professors.



For the mid-career working professional, the weekend classes have been designed to meet career goals without disrupting their work cycle.

Friday classes, both in the morning and evening, are available to choose from.

This offers flexibility to the working professionals such that they can accommodate their study schedule in accordance with their personal time preference



With technological advancements, online educational platforms are gaining popularity and are being leveraged more and more to keep up with the fast-paced environment.

This model removes the barriers of access, time and locations; students can gain access to live class by logging into the IIMS DISTANCE LEARNING UAE’s Learning Management System.

The online classes offer interactive learning, wherein a student can ask questions to the professors as if they were sitting in the classroom and initiate educational discussions.

The recordings of the lessons taught will be sent to the students. 

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